“Head First iPhone & iPad Development” by Dan Pilone & Tracey Pilone; O`Reilly Media

Dan and Tracey provide an in-depth coverage of iPad and iPhone development using Objective-C and XCode 4.  Their professional experience in these areas is captured within this book and I have a deeper understanding of iPad and iPhone development, Objective-C, and XCode.  After going through the book and implementing the examples, I am able to develop my own application for both iPhone and iPad using XCode.  I would recommend this to anyone that is wanting to get into developing apps for iPhone and/or iPad that has little to now experience with Objective-C and XCode.

Being an experienced software engineer myself it is always good to learn from other people different tricks to working with a new IDE.  I felt this way when I first went down the path of creating apps and felt that the tips I learned in this book about working in XCode accelerated my learning curve greatly.  Even though XCode was not a focus of the book without the tips I would still be stumbling around trying to figure things out.

The main focus of the book is on creating apps for iPhone and iPad which is done very well.  They cover the importance of designing applications that follow Apple’s iOS HIG (Human Interface Guide) in order to make sure your applications pass Apples standards and are available at the App store.  They cover important topics like working with data using files and databases within your apps.  In addition, they talk about how to work with the camera, accelerometer, MVC (Model View Controller pattern), managing multiple views, work with the different frame works within Objective-C, and many other important areas in App development.  Not only do they a wide coverage of important topics, but the way that they explain the development and coding process for the example Apps helps you learn quickly.  I also enjoyed how at the beginning of the book they explained everything in details and as you went along they would present questions on how you would solve a different problem with what you have learned.  These challenges made me think more about what I was learning and helped me better understand what I had read by trying to apply it to a different problem.  This alone sets this book apart from other books that just provide code segments.

Again, I would recommend this book to anyone that wants to get started developing Apps for iPhone and iPad.  Being new to this area myself (but an experience developer), I can say that you will be excited about developing Apps after reading this book.

“Head First iPhone & iPad Development” by Dan Pilone and Tracey Pilone; O`Reilly Media

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