“Just Spring” by Madhusudhan Konda; O’Reilly Media

“Just Spring” covers the basics of the Spring Framework and applying dependency injection to software application development.  In the book Madhusadhan covers Spring Beans, some advanced topics, Spring JMS, and Spring Data in a concise overview to get you up and running quickly using the Spring Framework.  Other books are much longer and do go into a bit more detail, but if you are wanting to get introduced to the Spring Framework and apply it to your application development quickly then this is the book for you.  Madhusadham is straight to the point on his discussions of the topics covered in the book and he provides example code that he explains in detail in order for you to be able to apply it quickly to your own applications.  I would recommend this book to the person wanting to quickly understand how the Spring Framework and dependency injection can be applied to their future projects.

I have been working with the Spring Framework over the past couple of years and had not run into its ability to simplify JMS and JDBC database access.  After reading the two chapters covering these topics, I can see the benefits in being able to apply them to future applications that I will develop.  I really enjoyed how MAdhusadham was straight to the point in covering the content of the Spring Framework and had great examples to go along with everything that he was talking about.  If you are looking for a more advanced coverage of the Spring Framework, I would recommend reading the specifications off the Spring website or look at other books in this topic that provide a more advanced coverage.

There are a few typos that you will see when reading the book, but you can quickly figure out what the intended word was.  One that I remember was when the JdbcTemplate was being covered and in the book it says “This call should serve to do most of the work.”  where he was actually talking about the JdbcTemplate class. Very minor and easy to figure out the intent.

Keep in mind that I would not pass up this book if you are just getting started in wanting to apply dependency injection using the Spring Framework.  This book covers everything that you need to get going quickly in 62 pages and will save you time from reading a book that is 200 to 300 pages in order to get the same basics in using Spring.

If you want you can get the book from O’Reilly books at Just Spring.


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