Excellent introduction to developing iOS 7 application

“iOS 7 in Action” by Brendan Lim and Martin Mac Donell is an outstanding book for anyone wanting to learn more about developing application for iOS devices.  The content of the book is organized really well and the examples are well documented and easy to learn to many areas of the API that they cover.  I have read many books on learning iOS development and really enjoyed this book in the way that they build the examples off of each other and how to take advantage of developing within Xcode.

The layout of the chapters is done really well and you can tell that there was a lot of thought put into it.  If you have not done any development with Objective-C, I would highly recommend reading the Appendix first since that will give you a good idea of how methods and variables work within Objective-C.  Other than that all the topics in the book are outstanding, but I personally enjoyed the last two-thirds of the book since I have more experience with what was covered in the first section of the book.  I was excited to learn more about the Storyboarding capability that is provided within iOS 5 and beyond.

As I was reading each chapter 6 – 14, I found myself getting more and more excited about making my own applications and the authors inspired this by having great examples that demoed capabilities so well.  The only thing that is missing that I have seen in other books is a quick chapter on the process of uploading an application for review by apple in order to get it available for purchase.  This is no reason not to get this book, since you can find good documentation on accomplishing this outside of this book.

I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone wanting to get into or learn the latest improvements to iOS 7 application development.


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