Mule in Action, Second Edition by David Dossot, John D’Emic, and Victor Romero

Mule in Action is an outstanding book covering the concepts and features of Mule ESB.  If you currently work with or just starting out using Mule, then this book is a must read for any developer.  There are so many great topics covered within this book, including working with many different built in connection and dealing with SSL connections.  The authors do a great job explaining the features that are available and how to configure them by either editing the XML and/or using the Mule Studio in order to develop the flow for your application.  There are outstanding examples throughout the book and in the appendix there is a complete sample application.  While reading this book, I discovered better ways to create the flows for the application that I was working on to better utilize existing features that I was coding within Java classes that could be replaced by using these features instead.  I continue to use this book as a reference book for any time that I need to create a new flow and/or add a new capability to an existing flow.

I have been working with Mule for a number of years and it has matured greatly since 2006 and finding a reference like this makes working with it even easier.  Having to deal with developing flows at work, most of the connections that I am working with need to be SSL and this book does a great job explaining how to configure and work with making any of the connection a secure connection.  I can’t say enough great things about this book and its coverage of Mule.  I would absolutely recommend this book to any developer just starting out in Mule or has been using Mule for a while and would like a great reference manual.  I would be surprised, even if you have been working with Mule for a number of years, if you read this book and did not learn anything new and/or found ways to simplify and/or improve your current work.


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